2023 Church Stewardship

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Stewardship Vision

Stewardship is a spiritual discipline; a habit that we intentionally cultivate to bring our wills into closer alignment with God’s will.  A dollar amount is less important than diligence in setting aside every week or month a portion of your wealth.  That is one of the reasons for making a pledge.

The Episcopal Church, like many churches, recognizes the tithe of one tenth of one’s income as a Biblical norm.  If that seems impossible, consider beginning with one or two percent, and gradually working toward the goal of tithing.

Stewardship is everything we do with the gifts that God entrusts to us:  not only our possessions, but ourselves and our lives. 
Stewardship is not the way we fund the church; steward­ship is the church:  the way we participate wholly in the Body of Christ. We give, not because God needs or the church needs, but because we need to give.

Recently, one of our younger mem­bers watched her grandmother placing an envelope in the collection plate and asked, “Why do we have to pay to come to church?”  Her wise grandmother responded that we don’t have to pay, but that we want to share everything with God.

We may give to other organizations because we approve of their mission, or because they provide a service that we appreciate.  Giving to the church is different:  We give because giving is how we respond to God’s generosity, and one way that we aspire to give our whole selves to God. 

Generosity is a gift in itself.  Not only are we blessed that we have the resources to give, but we are blessed with the spiritual need to give.  Generosity is truly inspired.