Welcome to St. Thomas Episcopal Parish. We’re located on the southside of Coral Gables, bordered by the communities of Pinecrest, South Miami, and Dadeland/East Kendall. St. Thomas is comprised of our vibrant church and parish school. We fervently believe that all people are God’s children, and we WELCOME ALL – from every walk and stage of life. We invite you to join our community as we journey toward richer, more meaningful lives, experiences, and contributions to our world.
We’re grounded in the Christian and Anglican-Episcopalian traditions and are open to the way this heritage continues to evolve within a rapidly changing world. A world that more than ever needs a sense of community, and the hope and love of Jesus.
 Our parish reflects the cultural breadth and richness of the greater Miami area. People of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, religious traditions, and sexual orientation are active parts of the St. Thomas whole. Wherever you are on your own spiritual journey, please consider joining us for worship, celebration, learning, fellowship, and outreach to the local community and beyond.
St. Thomas Episcopal Church