Shrove Tuesday

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Our 2022 Shrove Tuesday event, “Mardi Gras: Night Under the Stars” was a festive and fun night in our parish courtyard. While our hearts were heavy after the loss of our friend Dr. Paul Farmer, his spirit was alive and well throughout this event. Amidst the fun, food, auctions, and games, we were able to raise $11,000 for the Women and Girls Initiative in Haiti! Thank you to the parish for their wonderful generosity! If you’d still like to give, click the donate button at the top of the page and include “WGI” in the memo line.
Save-the-date for next year’s event on Tuesday, February 21, 2023.
Photo of Didi Bertrand Farmer with girls in Haiti who are participating in the Women and Girls Initiative. This is a project supported by St. Thomas Episcopal Parish Church and School because they believe that empowering girls through education will enable them to rise above the natural disasters and violence that have crippled their country.